Download WhatsApp – Step-by-Step Tutorial

WhatsApp, as you know, is the queen app of mobile devices currently,has it all over the world. You will hardly find someone who doesn’t have this app on their Smartphone because it has revolutionized communications, much more since they included the possibility to make calls through the app, thus replacing other applications like Skype for faster communications.

If you’re still part of that small percentage of people who don’t have this app installed on their mobile, then this tutorial is for you. First of all you should know that there’s more than one way to download and install WhatsApp on your mobile, but I’ll explain the two simplest ways: through the Play Store or from a secure download site (normally it would be the official website, but in the case of WhatsApp it takes you to the Play Store, so there would be no difference).

Download WhatsApp from Google Play Store step by step

This is the simplest way to do it,if you already have an Android phone you will surely have the Play Store pre-installed on your device. You only need to have a Google account to use it,any account you’ve opened for Gmail, YouTube, or Google+ (any Google service). Here’s how you should do the whole procedure.

  1. Enter the Play Store and search for the app by typing WhatsApp in the search bar. You will automatically see the application you need to install first and click the install button. download whatsapp 2. It will immediately start downloading the app and will be installed automatically on your device. Once the download is complete, you will see two options: Uninstall or Open. Select the Open option to start using and configure your app. open whatsapp 3. Once you have opened it you will see the welcome screen indicating that it is a cross-platform application and will also give you the option to see the terms and conditions (like any other application) and below you will see a button indicates “Accept and Continue.” welcome whatsapp 4. In the next step you will need to set up and verify your phone number,for this you select your country and by default the application will place the prefix (country code) at the bottom and leave the space for you to place only your phone number. WhatsApp will send you an SMS to verify, so make sure it’s the same number you use on that device to make verification automatic.add phone number5. Set up your account to your style. If you already had WhatsApp with that phone number it will ask you if you want to restore a backup, do it if you want or if you don’t, you can just skip that step. backup 6. On the next screen set your profile picture, although If you chose to restore your backup, your photo and name should already appear. Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to start using WhatsApp Messenger normally.

whatsapp messenger

Download WhatsApp Apk from Your Browser

As I told you at the beginning, there are two ways to download WhatsApp for your mobile device, you already knew the “traditional” which is through the official Google app store: Play Store, but the other way you can do this is by downloading the installer or apk directly from the developers’ website or from some secure download site.

To do this below I explain what you need to do step by step, it is just as simple as the previous procedure, only that you will need to allow applications from unknown sources before starting the process.

  1. If you have already decided to download WhatsApp from the web, then you must go to the settings of your mobile and in the security options verify that it has activated the option of allow apps from unknown sources,otherwise you won’t be able to install it. unknown origins 2. Enter your mobile browser and type in the browser: Download WhatsApp apk and you will see various search results. If you try to download from the official WhatsApp website ( it will also take you to the Google Play Store, so it wouldn’t make any difference to the previous procedure, so in this case you should choose a different website,but make sure it’s a safe site like uptodown or softonic.

search whatsapp apk

In this case we have chosen uptodown, but you could also choose softonic, the important thing is that it is a certified and reliable website,so that you do not take risks of viruses or malware on your mobile when downloading and installing the apk.

3. Once you are on the uptodown page, click on the blue button that says “Latest version 2.18.357″and then it will take you to a new page where the button will change to green one indicating “Download for free” and also the weight of the apk, in this case 33.3MB. Click back there to download, now yes, the installer. download whatsapp uptodown full 4. You will see a security alert stating that the file could damage your computer. Don’t panic, this is normal, it happens with any file of this type that you download from your browser,so you can click OK to allow the download. download whatsapp uptodown alert.jpeg 5. The download will start and you will be able to see it in your notifications. Depending on the speed of your internet connection it could take as little as a few seconds. download whatsapp uptodown by downloading.jpeg 6. When the download of the apk is complete you simply click on the notification to run the installer and a new window will open asking if you want to install. If you already have another version of WhatsApp installed on your mobile it will ask you if you want to install an update. download whatsapp uptodown install 7. Click Install. The installation process from here on out is exactly the same as you do from the Play Store,i.e. you will see that the app is installed and you select the option to open. If the application is new you will have to configure your device, as I indicated from step 3 of the installation from the Play Store, if it is an update, nothing happens, simply when you open your WhatsApp with the new options that this version has.

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As you will see, installing WhatsApp on your mobile is very simple, whether or not you have Play Store. Remember that it is very important that when you are going to download from the internet you do it from a safe site,then I leave you the uptodown link that I used in this tutorial.