How to uninstall Play Store? – Remove any traces from the App

Personally, for nothing in the world Would I think about uninstalling Play Store from my mobile. But some of you have asked me how to uninstall Play Store as you have found another similar app whose interface you simply like more. As we see, we live in a world of many tastes and different options to satisfy each one. So now, after testing with my mobile phone, I will teach you to perform this uninstallation by removing any traces of the App.

Try before uninstalling:

Root your device to release permissions

On most Android devices the Google Play Store comes pre-installed, i.e. comes included from the factory. This is important to know because almost everything that comes pre-installed on a smartphone cannot be easily deleted. To do this, you’ll first need to root your device to release additional permissions that allow you to perform a full uninstall.

YouTube video

The problem is that rooting phones can become complicated in many cases. It would take a long time to make the explanation in writing. In addition to the rooting method to be used it must be compatible with the terminal of your device model. That’s why I shared the previous video with the most compatible methods so that you can carry out this process without problems.

I recommend paying close attention so that you can learn to root any mobile model and on any Android version.

Steps to uninstall Play Store



After your device is rooted you will be able to remove any trace of the application you want, whether you have installed it yourself or that it has been installed from the factory. The steps to uninstall Play Store on an already rooted mobile are very few and simple. I list them below:

  1. Download an app that allows you to easily delete any App on rooted devices. One of the most popular, safe and easy to use is Root Uninstaller.

    Although you can also find others in the Play Store itself before deleting it.

  2. Open Root Uninstaller (or the similar App you downloaded).
  3. You’ll see all the apps you have on your device. Among them search and select the Play Store.
  4. Finally you will get the option
    to uninstall

I recommend that before doing this you have another application manager already installed on your mobile. Otherwise, you won’t be able to download more content unless you download an APK from the Play Store or other store using your browser. It sounds paradoxical, but in the Play Store itself you can find other apps that fulfill their function. You can download one before you uninstall Google Play.

Disable Google Play Store


If you don’t like the idea of rooting your phone because you’re afraid or not feeling very confident about it, then you won’t be able to uninstall Play Store 100%. But there’s another option you might also feel comfortable or satisfied with. It’s about disabling Google Play Store. That while the process does not remove the App completely, it does help to decrease its weight and therefore frees up a good amount of memory and RAM space.

To do so, simply go to the Settings option on your device. From there go to the Apps tab or App Manager as appropriate. A menu will be displayed with all the apps on the device, where you search and press Google Play Store. Then a window will open with several buttons that will help you disable the Play Store and free up space. First tap Clear data,then Clear Cache and finally Uninstall Updates.