How to upgrade Play Store? – Don’t wait for the automatic update!

Virtually every week the Internet giant, Google; releases updates for each and every one of its platforms and services. The problem is that these updates can’t reach everyone at the same time. Sometimes it can take up to a couple of weeks to reach certain regions or devices. That’s why I’m going to show you how to update the Play Store so you can go through the update without waiting for it to reach you.

If it fails you can always uninstall the play store.


Automatic Play Store updates



The first thing you need to know is that the Google Play Store is scheduled to update automatically. Periodically, and through Internet connections or some data plan; your system detects new updates that have been developed. Detecting them downloads and installs them automatically in the background. But it can be up to two weeks before the screening is done.

This is true at least for major updates, so call them. More often than not Google develops small updates for the Play Store that are incorporated into your device without you even noticing.

Anyway, you can check if your device has the updated Play Store in the “A” option“Fairs”of the App. There you look for the tab “Play Store version“, you tap on it and you will get one of two possible messages: 1. “Google Play Store is updated”or 2. “A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed”. In both cases there is nothing you can do, just be informed of which version you have and if there are any new ones that your computer detected and will soon add it.

Update Play Store manually


The APK Mirror website is the most secure and reliable for downloading . APK (files for Android systems). Its moderators constantly upload the latest versions all the applications and programs available for Android. There, using its search engine, you will be able to find the APK file of the Google Play Store with the latest version. Yes, including the one that probably doesn’t reach your device yet.

But before you download the APK, what you need to do is check the version number available on the web. Then compare that number to your device version. If they match, it’s because you get the latest version available. Otherwise, you can get ahead of the automatic programming and update Play Store manually on your mobile or tablet by downloading and installing the APK.

The download can be done from your own phone. When you’re done, find the APK file in the download path, open it, and start its installation. If you get an error when trying to start the installation what you need to do is go to the settings of your device, then to Ssafety and finally; in thesupported tab you have to enable the option
“Allow apps of unknown origin

Now you can enjoy the latest version available from the Google Play Store without any delay. I recommend checking the APKMirror website frequently.

This type of update is done both for the play store on mvl,computer or tablet.