How to download Play Store on tablets? – APK

download play store on tablets

There are a few reasons why Google Play Store may not come between programs and/or serial apps when purchasing a tablet. This scenario is more common when you buy a Chinese tablet or someone who did not use this App gives you one. In any case, right now I’m going to show you how to download the Play Store on tablets. And we all understand the importance of this Google app for accessing a myriad of content related to the world of information, communication or entertainment.

If you want to download the play store on pc here you have it:

Steps to download Play Store on tablet

The steps to download Play Store on tablets are very few and simple. In fact, we might think that downloading and installing this important App; seems to be too simple compared to the huge amount of content and benefits it brings us. The gap between its difficulty installing on a tablet and its benefits is simply abysmal. But without further ado, I invite you to know those simple steps so that you can enjoy Google Play on your tablet.

Step one

The first step to downloading Play Store on tablets is to download an APK from google play store. You’ll have access to the APK with the latest version to date, which is 12.2.12. So then you don’t have to spend more time on updates. Consider that the older the Play Store version you install, the longer it will take to update.

The download can be done from your computer or laptop and then pass the APK to your tablet. But you can also do it directly from the tablet itself.

Step two

A tablet is a smart device programmed to recognize when an item of unknown origin is about to be installed on it. It is an automated security measure to prevent the entry of malicious software or viruses.

Well, it turns out that the APK you downloaded comes not from a download app but from a web link; This should be enough for your tablet to recognize the APK file as malicious and not let you install it.

What you need to do is open the tablet’s settings menu, then go to the settings

menu, then find the security option and from there activate the option “Allow application installation from unknown origins.” This way your tablet won’t stop you from running the Google Play APK file.

install google play on tablets

Step three

The third step is the last one needed to complete the installation of the Play Store on tablets. All you have to do is look for the download path, either in the internal memory of the tablet or on an SD memory; of the APK file in question. Opening it will start its installation already without the possible interruption of the security measures of the tablet. And that’s it! So easily you already have the Play Store installed on your device.

Step four

Finally, to access all the content that Google Play Store has to offer; when you open the App you’ll probably have to set it up by linking it to your Google Play account if you already have it, or by creating a new account. Which you can easily do by following the clear directions that will appear to you.

After you’ve done that, you’ll have full access to the extensive content of the Google Play store. And if you set it up with an account that you already had on your phone, then all the content you’ve already purchased on it will appear in the App library on your tablet thanks to the link to use the same account.

But what is an APK from Google Play Store?

google play store apk

If you don’t know what an APK from Google Play Store is,and for that reason you don’t dare download it; because you don’t have to go anywhere else to find out, which I’ll tell you right here.

Let’s go in steps, the first thing to know is that an APK (without more) is an extension of the transferable and downloadable files designed for the Android operating system. That is, each file of this type will end with the name “. APK”. Just as, for example; there is the extension . RAR for downloadable and transferable files from Windows operating systems.

In this sense, when we refer to an APK from the Google Play Store; we’re talking about a file for Android operating system that contains, in this case; the Play Store installer. There’s nothing more than that, so now you can rest easy knowing what you’re putting in your tablet.

Possible complications

download play store for tablets

Like everything man-made, there may be certain complications or errors when installing the APK of the Play Store. In fact, the most common will be related to the operating system that your tablet has. Many Chinese manufacturers design operating systems that emulate Android quite well, being able to process APK files. But this is not always the case.

Unlike the smartphone market, it is almost entirely dominated by the Android operating system (with the clear exception of iPhones); the tablet market is taking centre stage in a fierce competition between various operating systems. Among which we can highlight several such as Windows Embedded Compact 7, iPhone OS, Chrome OS or WebOS among others; including of course Android.

In short, if the operating system of your tablet is Android you will not have any problems,unless our download link drops; in which case I will not hesitate to make it up. On the other hand, with respect to Chrome OS and Windows 7 cases (thanks to BlueStacks); in theory you shouldn’t have any problems either. While on all other operating systems it will be a matter of making the attempt, although on most Chinese systems (which are experts in copies) I do not think it will be impossible for you to install the Play Store.