How to activate the Play Store? – “Google Play Store has stopped”

All apps (not just For Android) are prone to errors or failures. One of the most worrying causes is that message“Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped”,but the truth is that almost always its solution is super simple. So today I’ll show you how to activate the Play Store in case I send you this flaw. But note that this same flaw also usually comes with the following messages:“Sorry, Google Play Store stopped”or“Google Play Store app stopped”.

Before activating the play store you must have downloaded the app to your device.

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Options to re-enable the Play Store

The first thing you should know is that there is no one, but several options to re-enable the Play Store in case it “stops”. All of these options are easy to perform and do not require expert manipulation unless the problem persists after testing with all of them.


First option: Temporarily unlink the Google account associated with the device

The first thing you can try is to temporarily unlink the Google Account that’s associated with your device. To do this, you have to go to the settings part (the icon with the gear symbol), from there find the menu of accounts associated with the computer and select google. In the next menu that will appear you should search and activate the button that says“delete account“.

To finish, restart your computer to relink your Google Account to re-enable the Play Store. If this doesn’t work, before trying another option try it out with a new Google account and if it works you try again with the old one.

Second option: Clear data and app cache

The second option is just as simple as the first. It simply consists of deleting the data and cache from the Google Play Storefrom the device. To achieve this, you must search for the App in the“App Manager”panel. By finding it and clicking on it you will enter a window with the name“Application Information”or some other similar name.

In that window you will have the buttons of“Clear data”and“Clear cache”. Start with the data, then with the cache and to activate the Play Store restart scan the device before running it again.


Third option: Uninstall recent apps

Sometimes the problem“Google Play Store has stopped”occurs because the App conflicts with other apps, especially if the latter are running in the background. In this case, the above options won’t work for you, and what you need to do is uninstall the apps you’ve recently added to your device.

Consider that if google play store stopped working without you having installed new apps, then this option isn’t for you. Conversely, if the flaw occurred right after installing new apps, then try deleting them to activate the Play Store again.

Didn’t these options work for you?

If you didn’t have these options to re-enable the Play Store on your device, the flaw is probably a little more serious but not irretrievable. The last option you can resort to is to reset or reset your device to factory settings. This action usually resolves 100% of the Software failures that the computer may present. The big problem is that all the contents of the internal memory (not the SD) were completely deleted.

I also leave you the following video with solutions for many other bugs that the Google Play Store may present.

YouTube video