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The True Studio
Jun 7, 2020
Nov 26, 2023
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Why is Google Sign in required?
* To verify prime membership.
* To unlock all premium contents such as exclusive wallpapers and editing filters.
* To sync your favorites with our server
* To let you upload your own made wallpaper or setup.

This app will help you in choosing the right home screen setup for you, in no way this app can automatically apply the home screen for you. As for the prime version, you may get the necessary backups of the newly uploaded setups so it'll be easy for you to make your home screen fabulous also if you have suspicious apps installed please make sure to uninstall them!

TruePick's features some handpicked fabulous Wallpapers and Amazing home-screen setups with all the needed information about the resources used, like Icon Pack, Launcher, Widget Names, their respective links, etc.

Eye on new features, v2.1
* Use Paints to generate wallpapers using AI, Your imagination is your power!
* Choose from various styles while generating wallpapers.
* Participate in weekly challenges to win Paints.
* Ability to upscale AI Generated wallpaper for crisp quality.

* Migrated to our own server for more flexibility.
* Now you can sync all your favorites to get them anytime on any of your devices.
* Added category options at the top so users can easily browse and click without any navigations.
* Data is now paged so you can see All Setups and Wallpapers at the initial screen.
* Explore 1M+ backgrounds from Pexels for a refreshing experience.
* Brand new filter/Edit wallpaper option to edit any wallpaper like a Pro.
* New settings page with options such as fit wallpaper to screen or to enable image compression.

The main motive of our app is to provide users the best available wallpapers and home screen setups. The app is filled with animations at every step to ensure maximum quality of User experience.

About Resources
Wallpapers in our app are truly handpicked and the same applies to home-screen setups.
The creator is been credited so as to increase his fan following and feature true creators.

Your suggestion's
We hope for feedback from our users, no matter positive or negative, and feedback can be sent to us via the app feedback button or our e-mail.

Our Telegram Group [General]
You may join for support, feedback, reminders, etc.


Bug fixes and improvements.
Note: Please reinstall the app if the latest version crashes as we have made some internal changes. Thank You!