Locker of Death: Horror Game

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Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Nov 3, 2020
Oct 13, 2023
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At your school, people whisper of a mysterious locker known as the Locker of Love. If you write down the name of the person you love and put it in the locker, they’ll fall in love with you.

But after you and your friends find the locker and experiment with it, you soon learn the terrible truth. The Locker of Love is actually the Locker of Death, and anyone whose name is placed inside will die a week later.

When you find your own name inside, you team up with your best friends and a mysterious transfer student investigating the locker in order to break the curse.

Can you break it in time to save your life?


*[Adventurous Daredevil] Nodoka
You’ve been best friends with Nodoka since you were children, and she’s never been one to back down from a challenge. Searching for the locker was her idea—and now she’ll do anything to fix what she unleashed.

*[Mature Ex-Athlete] Mana
Mana has been friends with you and Nodoka ever since an injury destroyed her future as an athlete. She’s normally quiet and collected, yet something has disturbed her calm demeanor as she vows to save you.

*[Determined Medium] Rui
The transfer student Rui came to your school to break the curse of the Locker of Death. With a sensitivity to spirits and a personal reason for fighting, she won’t stop until the truth is discovered.

As the four of you work together to find an answer, you’re aware of your time running out. Will you find a way to break the curse—and will you find true love along the way?


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