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Play one of the top free otome anime games in English!
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Jun 25, 2017
Jun 13, 2023
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Play one of the top free otome anime games in English!
You've just nabbed your dream job as a fashion designer when you're sent hurtling back in time to an alternate version of Sengoku era Japan!

After accidentally changing history by saving the warlord Nobunaga Oda from near death, you must survive 3 months surrounded by Japan's most famous and handsome Sengoku samurai and ninjas before your next chance to make it back home. But here's the catch: you can't fall in love with any of them!

Can you handle the challenge? Or in a world where it takes one man to conquer a nation, will you conquer his heart?

Ikémen Sengoku: Romances Across Time, is one of CYBIRD's most popular otome anime games! It's been made into an anime, manga, several stage plays and now it's your time to find out what's so amazing about this interactive otome anime romance novel by playing it English! Enjoy a vibrant, exciting story complete with engaging music, gorgeous anime illustrations, and character voices! Receive 5 free Chapter Tickets each day to progress through the story! Free to download! Ready to experience the Sengoku phenomenon personally? Play now and find your one and only Sengoku otome anime love!

■Date Characters voiced by some of Japan's most popular Voice Actors who have starred in tons of anime games!

■Collect Gorgeous Anime Illustrations, the best of all anime games out there!
With each character route, you receive 3 beautiful otome anime illustrations of your guy that will suck you right into his story! You can also receive otome anime illustrations through special in-game events!

■Start your Sengoku Otome Cinderella story by dressing your Avatar up in amazing Japanese outfits!
Experience more interactive otome gameplay with the in-game avatars!
Extravagant kimono, beautiful Japanese rooms and gardens, and cute accessories all await you in this game.
Collect hundreds of attire pieces to adorn your avatar. Limited edition attire pieces are constantly being added so that you can always stay up to date with the latest trends! Characters from the story are also available as avatars!

■Enjoy an Otome Romance full of Chaos and Intrigue. Shape Your Story through the Choices You Make!
Ikémen Sengoku is an otome game where there are multiple endings available for each guy depending on the choices you make in the game. If you get enough points you might even receive a special epilogue with your one true love! Which happy ending awaits you? Play to find out!

Otome anime games of this quality don't come out often! Don't miss out!

▼Recommended for:
◇Players who like anime otome Games, and want to
・Experience a romance in the Japanese Sengoku Era
・Enjoy heart-throbbingly otome manga, anime, or novels
・Play anime otome games with characters voiced by popular voice actors
・Play anime otome games with a lot of hot guys
・Discover a new anime otome game
・Enjoy a game with a variety of anime otome stories, both romantic and not
・Those who are familiar with anime otome games and are looking for more female-oriented games with captivating illustrations
・Those looking for anime otome games with lots of handsome men
・Players who want to date their ideal types in an anime otome game
・Those who are interested in popular anime otome games
・Those who took a break from anime otome games
・Those who like anime otome games with attractive characters

◇Players New to Free to Play Dating Simulation Games
・Those looking for a anime otome game featuring 2D men
・Those who want to date hot guys in an anime otome game
・Those looking for an anime otome game that features their favorite voice actors
・Those who want to try out an anime otome game for the first time
​​・Players who have boyfriends but still want to casually play an anime otome game
・Those looking for an anime otome game to kill time while commuting to work or school

*1・・・Free to Play (In-Game Payable Content Available)


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